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What party doesn’t need great lighting? Meet master electrician, lighting extraordinaire & Kerie’s all-around amazing husband, Rick Boshka.


Kerie has yet to find a project Rick hasn’t been able to pull off. From changing the color of their pool lights so they complement her ever evolving backyard party décor to adding backyard stadium lights to their 100-foot oak trees which allows safe, around-the-clock play-time and midnight manhunt games for their kids to choreographing waterproof Christmas lights on her parents’ boat dock to further enhance their holiday theme music. Rick’s talents prove why the neighborhood kids dotingly bestowed upon him the nickname, Royal Rick. His daughter says it best, “My daddy could light the moon if it wasn’t glowing.”

If you need creative lighting solutions, Royal Rick is your guy. He has over 30 years of experience so you can trust us when we say, “If you can think of it, he can wire it”.


I'm always open to a new task.

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