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Kerie grew up in smalltown Aledo, TX. Her friends and family describe her as a generous, free thinking, spirited fireball who loves to decorate, live it up with friends & family, and help those she can.

After an unforeseen tragedy, the native-born Texan packed up her children and moved outside of NYC in hopes of fulfilling a deep longing for adventure and growth.

To pay the bills, Kerie opened her own Westport, CT based interior design studio.

To feed her sense of adventure, Kerie landed small roles as an extra on movie sets such as Madame Secretary, The Blacklist, Daredevil, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, The Path and Law and Order, to name a few.

To feed her soul, Kerie began writing. She published two books and established ©Fantastic Life Choices, a program focused on kids helping kids make fantastic life choices. Her creative way to encourage kids to help one another centered around hosting, you guessed it, EPIC PARTIES!

Soon, Kerie began planning endless parties: school parties, birthday parties, holiday parties, retirement parties, gender reveal parties, going away parties… Her clients quickly learned the joy & value of helping others while having a blast celebrating their memorable moments!

After 19 years of east coast living, Kerie’s longing for Texas led her back to her NEW hometown, Brock, Texas. She is grateful to be back home where she continues to focus on what she loves; planning beautifully epic parties and helping people make the most of their special moments. When you are ready to host your one-of-a-kind memorable event, give Kerie a call. She would love to help bring your party to new heights!


Life should be memorable.

Let's connect.


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